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Duration: 4 Hours

Playa Minas Constitutes one of the most important nesting sites in Costa Rica. Large numbers of turtles arrive from October until March and usually at night. At this tour you will be picked up at the hotel and taken to Playa Las Minas where turtles are nesting. You will be able to see the black turtles and if you are lucky there will also be some of the very rare leather back turtles. The beautiful scene of the stars, the moon, and the ocean makes the perfect set-up for this incredible experience with nature. In addition the guides will provide infra red light, so that you will be able to clearly see the turtles and take your own pictures. Expect some waiting time and be prepared to sit on the sand. To make sure that you see the turtles it is sometimes necessary to take a hike to a close by beach. 

What to bring: Walking shoes, dark clothes, insect repellent and NO flash cameras. 

Turtle Watching Tour

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